Summer roadwork gets underway!

Each summer since Measure P passed in fall of 2012, the City has orchestrated a robust street pavement maintenance program to improve city streets.This year's projects, which will improve about 262,000 square feet of streets focuses on Capitola Way/Woodcreek Drive and the well-traveled intersection of Air Base Parkway at Heath Drive. See video.

Preparatory work including replacing ADA ramps, realigning crosswalks, and lowering utility manholes gets underway immediately on the Capitola/Woodcreek part of the project. In this project, about 66% of the existing street will be recycled on-site to build the base of the new street, which allows the City to save hauling expenses and divert asphalt from the landfill. This second part of the daytime job starts in mid to late August and will require periodic single-lane closures.

The other major improvement project, at the intersection of Air Base Parkway and Heath Drive, is a nighttime project with full road closures and temporary detours from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Driveway and pedestrian access may be restricted temporarily; however, at the end of each working period, two-way traffic will resume. The improvements to this intersection are scheduled to commence early in September.

Funding for both projects is derived from your investment in Fairfield through sales tax Measure P and gas tax. The City anticipates the projects being completed by the end of October. For questions about this summer’s street pavement maintenance, contact Assistant Civil Engineer David Vong or 707. 428.7784.